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Cash FX

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*** important update 6th April 2021 ***

Cash FX the Truth

This website was initially launched to counter adverse criticism of Cash FX.

However, after 5 months membership , regrettably the truth about Cash FX is not what I initially thought.

I’m not going to post a damming analysis of Cash FX or post a link to a very damaging video of the company but I just want to say that I shall no longer endorse or recommend Cash FX to anyone thinking of joining.

This is my opinion.

I neither want to discourage anyone from joining or to encourage anyone from joining. Do your own due diligence and make your own minds up.

I would just like to say that membership starts at (just) $300 so if you cannot afford to lose this amount of money, you should leave it in a bank and forget investing in cryptocurrency.

I have listed  3 investment strategies (soon to be 4)  that I believe are a far safer bet than Cash FX. Notice I use the word bet. As far as I am concerned cryptocurrency investments are a bet. Like in a bookies, you don’t pay tax on your punts. Its a gamble.  That said, some bets are far more nailed on than others. Hyper Fund for example is  backed by the largest blockchain company in the World and is, in my opinion as safe as the Bank of England. To use a horse racing analogy, investing in Hyper Fund would be like picking one of 40  runners in the Grand National and if that horse finished first you’d lose and you’d win if any of the other horses didn’t finish first.

Cash FX depends on recruitment and referral bonuses in order to grow your account.

If you are uncomfortable selling to friends and colleagues then take a look at one of these alternatives.

All offer the option to compound your investment which means you can increase the size of your investment and gain more profit by re-investment.

Rostex Global for example take no withdrawal fee. Cash FX take 20%.
Rostex also accept USDT (Tether) so your deposit fees are $1. Cash FX use BITCOIN and the fee can be as high as $35.00 (to be fair Cash FX have no control over this as this is a mining fee).

In conclusion, it is my opinion that $300 invested in Hyper Fund, Rostex Global or Qubit.Life represents far better value than in Cash FX.
Just make sure you do your own research.

*** end of update ***

Why you should own some cryptocurrency

Under the Crypto Investment link on the menu you will read why NOT owning some crypto currency is financial madness. Everyone alive today has the opportunity to secure their own and their families futures by crypto investment. This is a unique opportunity that the world has never seen before and is unlikely to ever see again. It is the author of this piece’s opinion that anyone NOT invested in crypto currency will regret missing this once in a lifetime opportunity.

HyperFund Ryan Xu
HyperFund Sam Lee
HyperFund Jayden Wei

The main men behind Hyper Tech


Hyper Fund is our primary opportunity

Do not miss out on this outstanding opportunity

A genuinely unique opportunity

Hyper Fund are unique in that unlike EVERY cryptocurrency investment opportunity, Hyper Fund don’t want your money.
Hyper Tech, the parent company of Hyper Fund consist of 4 public companies all listed on the ASX or the Hang Seng. 
They don’t want your money because they have more crypto assets than any group on Earth. 

What Hyper Fund want is members and they want 30 million members before the end of 2022 when Hyper Fund I.P.O. will be listed on the Hang Seng. This will be the 5th public listed company of the group.

As a reward for membership Hyper Fund will return your membership at 3:1 so a $1000 membership will be returned to you as $3000.

This ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer is exceptional and WILL NOT BE AROUND FOREVER.

Do not miss out !!

Go here to register your interest. Registration is free and I shall send you easy step by step instructions on how to get involved in the most exciting cryptocurrency opportunity there has ever been.

For more information WhatsApp me on +447933728063


Our second investment opportunity is Rostex Global

Rostex Global are an Edinburgh based company and they offer several investment plans. My experience of them has been very encouraging. Navigate to Rostex Global to find out more.

For more information WhatsApp me on +447933728063

For more information WhatsApp me on +447933728063



Qubit.Life offer a variety of Educational, Corporate or Cashback licenses.

The products offered by Qubit.Life are varied and exceptional.

To find out more follow the links.


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