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HypeVerse & Cash FX is here!!!




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Hyper Fund

Cash FX

Cash FX v HyperVerse

Cash FX and HyperVerse are vastly different companies.

Cash FX are an educational/marketing company whilst HyperVerse are part of the giant Hyper Tech Group one of if not the largest and most diverse blockchain group of companies on the planet with interests in venture capital, banking, cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain development, online shopping, social media platforms………….the list is endless. 
The group are looking for 30 million members before they launch their IPO on the hang Seng,

Both companies reward you for membership and further reward you for introducing new members to the company.

Cash FX return your membership fees at 2x cost whereas Hyper Fund return your membership fees at 3x cost.

The available due diligence on HyperVerse is extraordinarily impressive and can be read here.

It is this due diligence that I beleive makes HyperVerse so exceptional.

Should you wish to join either CashFX or HyperVerse you can do so by messaging me using WhatsApp or Telegram or send me a message using the form below.

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Why you should own some cryptocurrency

Erik Finman

Erik Finman was given $1000 by his granny for his college fund back in 2012.
He used $800 of it to buy BITCOIN.
In March of 2021 his $800 of BTC was worth $240 million.

He took a chance. 

No-one knows where the world of cryptocurrency is headed. With well founded doubts being expressed about the safety of cryptocurrency investment and many scammers on the internet ready to take advantage of you then cryptocurrency has to considered a risk.

But life is a risk.

Everyone alive today has the opportunity to secure their own and their families futures by crypto investment.

This is a unique opportunity that the world has never seen before and is unlikely to ever see again. It is the author of this piece’s opinion that anyone NOT invested in crypto currency will regret missing this once in a lifetime opportunity but you need to exercise caution.

No investment in cryptocurrency should be done with money you cannot afford to lose but if you have $20,000 in a bank doing nothing but depreciating then risking $1000 on a cryptocurrency investment opportunity that could return $24,000 after 21 months is well worthwhile.

Hyper Fund are a rewards opportunity unlike any other. Hyper Fund reward you for being a member of the company.

You can access the due diligence on this company above and as this group will be stock market listed at the end of 2022 then this has to be considered the gold standard of blockchain opportunities.

One thing is certain.

You could purchase a $300 or $500 or $1000 rewards pack from HyperVerse and you could have $6100 or £12,000 or $25,200 returned to you in 21 months or you could leave your money in the bank and in 21 months have exactly the same as you have today.


SS Cryptocurrency

What would you rather do – be on board a cruise ship or be forever waving at it wondering what its like to be on board. 

There’s only one way to find out.

Check out my RKD cryptocurrency YouTube channel

HyperFund Ryan Xu
HyperFund Sam Lee
HyperFund Jayden Wei

The main men behind Hyper Tech


HyperVerse is our primary opportunity

Do not miss out on this outstanding opportunity

A genuinely unique opportunity

HyperVerse present a unique opportunity.

This is NOT an invitation for investment and HyperVerse don’t want your money.

What Hyper Fund want are members.

HyperVerse is not an investment opportunity Рits a membership rewards program. 

Hyper Tech, the parent company of HyperVerse want 30 million before the group list their I.P.O. on the Hang Seng. 

As a reward for membership HyperVerse will return your membership at 3:1 so a $1000 membership will be returned to you as $3000 over a 21 month period.

This ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer is exceptional and WILL NOT BE AROUND FOR EVER.

Go here to register your interest. Registration is free and I shall send you easy step by step instructions on how to get involved in the most exciting cryptocurrency opportunity there has ever been.

For more information WhatsApp me on +447933728063

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Membership of HyperVerse is by invitation only.

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