Bitfxtrade-Option are a 5 star scam company

Bitfxtrade-option are part of the unconscionable bitfx group of scam websites that include,, and These websites are all the same and are run by the same scammers and thieves. The content of this page is more or less identical to the content on the other sites I have posted here.

(this is a story with a disturbing twist)


I think what bitfx-trade mean by financial freedom is they feel free to steal your money and then make ludicrous excuses as to why they’ve done it.

I was introduced to bitfx-trade by someone who I thought was genuine and sincere. I was wrong. Its unclear exactly what connection this person had/has with bitfx-trade but it seems clear that it was more than just as a client as they defended bitfx-trade despite being informed that they were thieves.

What was particularly disturbing about bitfx-trade was their assumption that I was an idiot.

Now there is no real way of knowing if a company is legitimate or not that hasn’t been around to pass the test of time and herein lies a fundamental problem with cryptocurrency investment. Cryptocurrency investment is very new compared to traditional investment opportunities like stocks and shares and investing in the FX market so without a meaningful track record we are guessing in effect.


Investing in cryptocurrency is risky

Investing in the FX or cryptocurrency market is risky and should be looked on as gambling. Investing in stocks and shares is also carries risk and investments can go up or down but you are not as exposed to risk investing in stocks and shares as you are investing in cryptocurrency plans where you cannot guarantee to get your money back. If you want a “safe” investment then you should put your money into a bank or building society and earn 2% per year if you’re lucky. Some cryptocurrency investments promise more than that in a day but of course a promise is worthless if it is not honoured.

There are ways you can mitigate your risk when investing in cryptocurrency. 

Here’s how you can mitigate the risk.

Carry out basic due diligence

Due diligence

does the company website look legitimate ?

One look at the bitfx-trade website immediately causes concern and red flags and warning bells are everywhere if you look into it.

There is no way I would have invested in bitfx-trade on the strength of the website. Had I not been given a personal recommendation of this company by someone I thought I could trust I would never have become involved but I decided that I would take the risk as I needed material for my website and I decided that for $100 it was worth the risk and I also wanted first hand experience if this was indeed a scam. 


Bitfx-trade scam

This is from their website. “We are a gathering of the gifted money related experts having an abnormal state of learning and long haul rehearse in the venture field”.

What on Earth does that even mean?

Its not a sentence its a collection of unrelated words strung together as if picked out of a bag.


Bitfx-trade scam

“An incredible oppurtunity  for their assets by putting as judiciously etc etc” – this is as garbled as it is meaningless.

They even offer this video explanation of what bitfx-trade do if you want to hear a robot spouting the same nonsense as above.

They also include this enormously helpful chart of what I don’t know:



bitfx-trade scam

So on first look, the website fails on presentation and believability and this leads to the next due diligence consideration.

Are the returns believable?

Bitfx-trade scam

You’ll notice that Plans A & D has Principle Not included but Plans B & C have Principle Included.

Firstly I believe they mean PRINCIPAL which is irrelevant as principal is a term to describe the amount of money you borrow and has nothing to do with investment plans.


Bitfx-trade scam

Then in their Profit Calculator apparently a sum of $100 turns into $140 after 48 hours at 140% but this is wrong. $100 @ 140% is $240 total return so the plan is 40% not $140.

In this case whether the return is 40% or 140% makes little difference – its not realistic. It could never be done and simple mathematics proves this. 

If bitfx-trade could turn $100 into $140 in 48 hours then if you re-invested the full amount after 20 days you would have well over $4,000 and if anyone could do that why would they need your $100 so its simply unfeasible.


Is the company contactable?

Bitfx-trade scam

Any legitimate company would have a land line and not a private mobile number that’s permanently turned off.

They also include a Certificate of Achievement (whatever that is) and its here that this story takes a new and disturbing twist.

Disturbing twist

Bitfx-trade scam

If you click on the Certificate of Achievement you will see this:

Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam

So this company has in fact been struck off and is no longer legitimately trading.

Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam

Unfortunately I discovered all this after I had been scammed. So before I describe where my due diligence took me I’ll describe the exact nature of what happened.

Sequence of events

So having NOT done the required due diligence having been blind sided by the person who recommended bitfx-trade to me, I sent the company $100.


Bitfx-trade scam

They gave me a $100 bonus – THIS IS A COMMON MOVE PLAYED BY SCAMMERS. You are initially appreciative of this and this feeds into your greed – its something for nothing however this bonus never showed up on my dashboard which only showed my original deposit and my “profit”.

Bitfx-trade scam

But still $40 from a $100 investment after 48 hours can’t be bad so I applied to withdraw my funds.
That’s when phase 2 of the scam began and this is the most common theme associated with scams like these. 

The vital question - are there fees to withdraw?

Scam companies all seem to use this trick. They ask you for money to withdraw your funds. EVERY company who asks this is almost guaranteed to be a scam.  

Bitfx-trade scam

At this point I realized I had been scammed but I decided to go along with this and throw $100 away as I wanted to have a full record of the scam for this website so I sent them a further $100.

There simply is no justification for what these scammers were asking for. You have sent them $100 and they have your Bitcoin wallet address so why does it need “authenticating”.

Curious as to what their next move was I waited to see what they would do.

What followed next defies belief.

They claimed that the payment I sent them had not been received.


The Blockchain

For those not familiar with how the Blockchain works here’s a simplified explanation.

You send cryptocurrency from your wallet to another wallet. 
The transaction waits for confirmation and its the Blockchain that confirms the transaction.
A single transaction may end up with dozens of confirmations but 1 is sufficient to prove that the transaction has completed.
The transaction CANNOT complete unless there is a confirmation.

Putting this in simple English, its like a postmen delivering a package that needs to be signed for. The postman delivers the package and you sign for it. Once signed for the supplier is 100% certain that you have received the package. 

If the transaction is not confirmed then the transaction will not be complete and will eventually time out and no funds will leave your wallet.


Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam

Here you can see the 2 transactions I sent to bitfx-trade on the 16th and 18th of January. Both completed which means both transactions are undeniably in the receivers wallet and 6 confirmations means that the transfer was completed successfully.

George Bellshaw from bitfx-trade claimed they hadn’t received any payment.

Here is the actual conversation I had with Bellshaw where he tried to convince me that they hadn’t received the payment.


Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam

Now I thought I’d heard the last from bitfx-trade but then I received another email from them. It was this email that set me on this path to expose bitfx-trade and their other companies as being scammed is one thing but being treated like an idiot is something I will not put up with.

Bitfx-trade scam

This is the email I received:

Bitfx-trade scam

Seriously – these thieves actually expected me to accept this unbelievable garbage and send them more money !!!.

These clowns go on to admit receiving my payment but then say its not in their wallet?????

To go back to the postman analogy this is like signing for a package and then claiming “yes I admit we signed for the package but we haven’t got it as it must be somewhere in “limbo”.

How anyone could even imagine that this ludicrous excuse would be accepted by anyone defies understanding other than the obvious reason that these scammers either don’t understand how the Blockchain works themselves or that they are so arrogant that they believe they are superior to their investors and could get away with this. 

This was the last correspondence between myself and bitfx-trade and its at this point I decided to forensically analyse these people and see what i could find and sure enough there was plenty to find.

Other bitfx-trade scams

A search of bitfx-trade on Google produces this result:

Bitfx-trade scam

Lets look at bitfxtrade-option


bitxtrade-option scam

bitfx-trade & bitfxtrade-option are they the same ?

Now it seems obvious that these 2 companies are the same but I had no actual proof until I delved deeper into both sites.

In the F.A.Q. section bitx-trade say this about the safety of crypto investment.


Bitfx-trade scam

In the F.A.Q. section bitfxtrade-option say this about the safety of crypto investment.


Bitfx-trade scam

Other than the obvious title spelling mistake , the test is identical proving beyond any doubt that bitfx-trade and bitfxtrade-option are the same company.

An investigation into bitfxtrade-option is also revealing.



These are bitfxtrade-options “experts”. I don’t know who Peter Johnson and Julia Veron are but I do know that Park Daewood is in fact an unnamed Asian man  who appears on 14 pages of a reverse image look up site and Jennifer J Brown is  in fact Michelle Borromeo who is an actor.


Bitfx-trade scam
Bitfx-trade scam

Now if this web of deceit wasn’t enough, Park Daewood appears on a website called Unique Mining.


Unique Mining scam

bitfx-trade & bitftrade-options & Unique Mining

A look at the “experts” at Unique Mining reveals this: 

unique mining scam

Park Daewood has changed his name to Marco Verda  and has been joined by Bitcoin Developer Antone Bills who is actually Mike Hanberry from Webolutions Inc.



So now we have 3 scam companies bitfx-trade, bitfxtrade-options and Unique Mining all operating the same scam.

But is doesn’t end there. 



My Google search of bitfx produces this link to Bitfxtradingoption. Now other than the fact that this is another Bitfx names site I could find no links to the other bitfx scam sites however a check on the What People Say section reveals this:

bitfx scam

Ketthy Ben when she’s not praising the positives of bitfxtradingoption also reviews heating apparatus under then name of Michelle Tafoya !!!

Bitfx-trade scam


Bitfx-trade scam

Since I posted my review on TrustPilot someone (undoubtedly from the company) has posted this laughable review.

Bitfx-trade, Bitfxtrade-Options, Unique Mining and BitfxtradingOption are all the same fraudulent company. They are thieves and scammers. My adive would be if you see anything that is prefixed with Bitfx then steer well clear and look for an alternative investment opportunity.

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