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Scam identification

Cryptocurrency scams and fraudsters can be very good and highly sophisticated. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be trying to part you from your money. Fraudsters are cunning and adaptable and can be highly professional and believable and this is particularly the case with cryptocurrency scams. Highly polished and apparently credible¬† websites can easily fool you into thinking the people behind the website are honest and trustworthy but a professional website means nothing.

One of the major difficulties with assessing whether a company is legitimate or not is longevity and because the world of cryptocurrency is new then most cryptocurrency investment website are also new and therefore have no history.

Scammers tap into one of mankind’s basic and strongest emotion.


We all like the idea of getting something for nothing but very often in the cryptocurrency scam game, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is just that – too good to be true.

Longevity is the principal concerns here.

Cryptocurrency investments are new and therefore cryptocurrency scams are also new. We have no way of knowing if a company can be trusted if its only been around for months or even weeks. A cryptocurrency scam can have a very short shelf life but that is all these thieves need.

But there are ways you can explore whether a particular investment is sound or not. 

The first rule is only invest small amounts initially. Invest small and frequently and if there are no issues you will build confidence in the platform.

Regrettably even this is not fail safe. One company I describe below Exoveinvestment was highly recommended I used on 2 occasions but on the third occasion – they disappeared. Fortunately I wasn’t heavily invested but it was a lesson learnt the hard way.

In the hope that I can save someone from losing money to these cryptocurrency scams and these crypto thieves I am drawing up a list of known cryptocurrency scammers that I have had personal experience of.

There follows a list of the companies that I have had the unfortunate personal experience of being a scam company.

If you’ve been scammed by cryptocurreny scammers. You may be able to get your money back through ScamsRecovery and website dedicated to recovering money from cryptocurrency scammers.

Cryptocurrency scam companies

Northtrust Finance

Northtrust Finance

FXTrading Company

FXTrading Company Scam



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