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FX Trading Company SCAM ALERT Be very careful

FX Trading scam

Another Crypto scam company run by James Robert

FX Trading scam

Have you seen adverts like this from FX Trading Company or had invitations like this on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin accounts?

I decided to investigate this proposal and asked Peter some questions about how the investment worked. 

I would have liked to have posted that conversation here on this blog post but inevitably I guess, Peter Shimave is not longer to be found on Facebook.

FX trading genuine

Before I detail my experience with FX Trading Company, I would just like to point out that FX Trading Company (scammers) are NOT FX the Broker. I have no first hand experience of FX Trading but by all accounts they are a regulated and well rated FX Broker.

FX Trading

There are a number of rules you should follow when investing in any crypto currency scheme and the first one is do a web search of the company.

So a web search of FX Trading Company reveals………………………….nothing.

No web-site, no support. no telephone – the only way to communicate with FX Trading is through email and via WhatsApp.

The second rule is do send them an email and see what comes back. 

The FX Trading Company’s email address is ftradingcompany555@gmail .com which alone is enough to question who or what FX Trading are. For any genuine company not to have a company specific email address means you are dealing with amateurs.

The third rule (arguably this should be the first rule) is – are the returns realistic?

The internet is full of crypto millionaires but they did not make their fortune by having a suspect company “turn $50 to $500 in 15 hours and returns like this are simply not possible. Ask yourself the question – if this company can turn $50 into $500 then why do they want your money?   Why would they need it?



How does the scam work?

FX Trading scam

Well first of all they will lie to you.
I asked the specific question below.

FX Trading scam

“You don’t have any penalties”

Well seems unequivocal.

No penalties.

So I decided to send FXx Trading Company $100 in BTC to see what happens.

After a couple of days I received a *** PROFIT ****message and a receipt.

FX Trading scam

$7414.44 profit on my $100 investment. Wow. Amazing………………..but then I got this:-

FX Trading scam

Dear customer your profit is now out successfully due to the fastest mining machine company use for your bitcoin..bonus added to your profit $904 and profit earnings TOTAL=$7410. As a profit to earn now. 

What you need to do know is to make a deposit of withdraw fee of just $598.

When I spoke to Peter Shimave about these fees that he had promised I would not be asked for he said this:


FX Trading scam

FXtrading co-op company,

                      Wisconsin, lavista,

                       103, Quanpentar…

Sorry for not getting in touch with you I think manager suppose to explain more about this withdraw fee for you before any investment done..

   Moreover, withdraw fee is the money you pay immediately your mining get done with system after paying this,, instantly system will automatically withdraw your profits and the money you use to with it to your wallet that you use to register with company during the registration period…we are really humbly sorry about this sir..

           Thanks for mining with us

            Fxtrading company CEO

                 BRANDON GEN..

Following an expletive fuelled dialogue with a James Robert who runs the company,  I ceased communication with FX Trading Company and told them I would write everything up on my website.

Several days later FX Trading contacted me again.


FX Trading scam

My withdrawal fee had dropped from $598 to either $145 or $164.

I declined to send them anything then out of the blue Pete Shimave sent me this:-

FX Trading scam

Now its difficult to know where to start with this childlike fantasy. Its so ludicrous its makes hilarious reading. They pointed out to me that their company was listed at 10.

Now the fact that their company is FX Trading Company and number 10. is FX Trading Cooperation doesn’t seem to bother them.

The text is clearly written someone whose first language is not English.

The email address of Federal Trade Commission is apparently gmail.

Of the 20 companies listed that I checked NONE are legitimate companies with actual domain names.

Its such an amateurish and inept attempt to deceive that no-one reading this would have anything to do with FX Trading Company.  


My conclusion and scam rating for Fx Investment Company

FX Trading scam

No hesitation in declaring FX Trading Company a 5 star scam company. The scammers behind this company are liars and thieves. Clearly a foreign company or at least a foreign person as evidenced by their inability to speak and write English. The fact that the person who initially made contact with me is no longer around suggests that this company too will soon be gone and they’ll take every investors money when they leave.

For information on a genuine investment opportunity please navigate to the home page of this website

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