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Who are Hyper Fund Global?

Ryan Xu visionary
Ryan Xu King of cryptocurrency

Ryan Xu is a cryptocurrency visionary. He is the founder of Hyper Tech. Hyper Tech consists of 4 publicly listed companies.

Hyper Tech's 4 listed companies

digital X was the Worlds first public listed blockchain company.
Blockchain Global also a public company founded in 2014 with $300 million invested in over 80 blockchain companies including Nem and Tron a $1.4 billion and a $2 billion project.
CollinStar founded in 2015 also a public listed company with $400 million invested in over 300 blockchain companies and 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies.
Hcash the 4th listed company, and the groups banking arm, a far reaching blockchain project partnered with IBM working on Quantum Resistance Security.

The size of the group in the crypto space is more than impressive.

You will see below that just one of CollinStar’s investments QTU has increased 19,037% since venture capital was provided and CollinStar have over 300 such projects.
Blockchain Global has over $300 million in over 80 blockchain projects and companies.
So the group value runs into the many billions.

According to Forbes the worlds 3rd richest crypto billionaire is Founder and CEO of Binance,  Changpeng Zhou (known as CZ in the industry). In 2017 CZ had plans to start a cryptocurrency exchange/brokership. Looking for venture capital he went to Ryan Xu for the capital he required to launch Binance. 3 years on he’s the third richest crypto billionaire in the world and Binance is valued at $50 billion. As part of the deal Ryan Xu’s Hyper Tech own 3% of Binance, now the worlds largest crypto broker/exchange.

As the value of Binance will rise with the price of Bitcoin and as Bitcoin is expected to be trading at $1 million per coin, this notionally values Binance at a trillion dollars at some time in the future. In the graphic below you can see that Binance is just one small part of this giant group. 

The other company highlighted is BW. 60% of all BITCOIN mined in the world comes from China from the “big 4” Chinese mining companies and BW is one of those 4..

Ryan Xu bought BW in 2017.

Listed below are just some of the companies and projects that make up the giant Hyper Tech group and its why Hyper Tech are considered to be the Worlds largest and most diverse blockchain group.

HyperTech group

At the end of 2022 they will list the 5th company in the group Hyper Fund Global on the Hang Seng – but they need your help.

HyperFund 5th pillar

Ryan Xu's vision

No-one knows or will ever know how many people have a cryptocurrency wallet. Its is estimated that the number is around 100 million and if this number is accurate then this means only around 1.3% of the world have any cryptocurrency exposure.

1.3% – that’s all.

How many people in the world have a bank account?

Everyone has a bank account and Ryan Xu sees no reason why everyone shouldn’t have a bank account and a cryptocurrency account and he wants the majority of those people to be using the services provided by his company – Hyper Tech.

How much interest does your bank pay you?

Ryan Xu’s HyperBC – Hyper Tech’s Hyper Pay’s bank pays 10% interest on your cryptocurrency holdings.

His bank have the worlds first and only $50,000 per day spend backed by Visa.

Hyper Pay

These are some of the planned projects by Hyper Tech. Most of these have already been delivered and some are yet to be delivered.


Hyper Tech projects

Hyper Talk will be Hyper Tech’s social media platform. Members will be able to call each other and most significantly be able to seamlessly send each other cryptocurrency.

Mars Mall (initially Hyper Mall) is Hyper Tech’s shopping mall and has thousands of goods available today to purchase with either fiat or cryptocurrency. Mars Mall is the latest of Hyper Tech’s innovative enterprises.

Hyper Fund Global are a unique investment opportunity

Why is this?

Because uniquely Hyper Fund Global don’t want your money. I don’t know of any other investment opportunity where this is the case. What they want is your loyalty and for you to spread the word about the benefits of cryptocurrency and of the benefits of being part of such an impressive global group as Hyper Tech.

If you buy a membership from Hyper Fund Global (they have $300, $500 and $1000 membership plan) they will return your deposit at 3x so if you purchased a $1000 membership, you will receive $3000 back after 21 months ($2000 profit). Its also worth noting that memberships are purchased in USDT which means you incur a broker charge of just $1. Those investment opportunities that only accept BTC mean you are down $35 in mining fees before you make a single dollar.

However if you adopt the re-buy strategy, you can turn that $1000 into $25,200 after 21 months.This would be the completion of the plan and your $3000 would have been re-payed.
However with a rebuy strategy you can compound your profit.
The rebuy strategy works like this:
Your initial $1000 investment is returned to you at .5% so on a this plan you will receive $5 per day.
After 10 days you will be able to do a $50 rebuy and start a $50 plan so you will now receive profit on both plans.
After 10 days you will be able to start another re-buy plan.
After several months of repeating this process, you will be making $50 a day profit.

After 6 days you will be able to purchase another $300 plan.

By continuously re-investing your profit like this, a $1000 initial investment turns into $25,200 after 21 months. 

If you think returns like this are fantasy and are impossible then consider this:

Hyper Tech have crypto assets almost beyond imagination.

Below is a list of just 14 of the 300+ companies that CollinStar , Hyper Tech’s multi-billionaire venture capitalists are invested in. 


Qtum CollinStar investment

Collinstar’s investment in QTUM alone has returned the group 19,037% on their investment. Remember this is just one of over 300 investments in crypto start-ups. Hyper Tech also have their own cryptocurrency the HyperDao and the MOF – Molecular Future.

As they make all their payments in MOF, they can generate their own assets and in effect have their own license to print money.

Hyper Dao
Molecular Future

All this adds up to a group with near limitless crypto assets so the returns listed below are not fantasy but reality. The group really can turn a $25,000 investment into $684,000 inside 21 months.

21 months rebuy strategy

Want to know more?

If you would like to hear more about the Hyper Tech group of companies and specifically the Hyper Fund Global project then why not watch this webinar presentation by member Kalpesh Patel.

Summary conclusion

Ryan Xu is looking to list Hyper Fund Global on the Hang Seng at the end of 2022. 

What happens after that about being a member no-one knows. Whether these investment incentives remain we don’t know.

What we do know is that being a member NOW guarantees the returns on your investment and guarantees that when the company list, you,  as a member will likely receive options to purchase shares at pre-launch price plus other privileges.



When Singularity launched their I.C.O. (initial Coin Offering) they raised $36 million in 30 seconds.

When Hyper Fund Global list their I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering) at the end of 2020 , making them a Hang Seng listed stock market company the demand for shares is likely to be unprecedented.

As a member, you will have members rights and be ahead in the queue to purchase shares that are almost certain to be trading at many times their list price.

And you can be part of this for just $300.

Don’t delay – join today.

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bank interest - a 100% safe investment

Interest rates

Due diligence

The only 100% guaranteed safe investments that I am aware of, will pay you 1.25% per year on a 5 year plan or .5% per annum for instant access. Hyper Fund pays you .5% return per day. If you want 100% risk free investments you are in the wrong place. As Hyper Fund are part of a stock market listed organization, they are, as far as I am concerned the gold standard of crypto investment. I am not aware of ANY other crypto investment opportunity backed by an organization that has share holders in the public domain and has such solid credentials. You can read about those credentials here.

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