Hyper Fund Global

Who are Hyper Fund Global?

Hyper Fund are the 4th pillar of the giant hyperTech group

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Hyper Pay
Hyper Pay is Hyper Tech’s banking app where you can earn 10% interest on your crypto and has the worlds only $25,000 a day VISA backed spend
Hoo Exchange
The Hoo Exchange is Hyper Tech’s cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade cryptocurrency or simply convert your crypto

The Molecular Future (MOF) App is where you can earn interest on your cryptocurrency by purchasing many crypto plans.


Meet some Hyper Fund members

Meet some of the countless thousands of Hyper Fund members who are prospering since gbecoming a member of Hyper Fund.

Meet Dizzy Taylor whose Manchester hairdressing business was closed as a result of Covid – within 15 months of joining Hyper Fund he was a V5 millionaire member.

Su Patel a single mum from the UK was another Covid victim as her human resources business collapsed. She put the last of her money into Hyper Fund and is now earning $3000 A DAY!!!

 If you would like more information about anything you have read on this website or you feel you are ready to join Hyper Fund Global then please email me using the link below or message me on WhatsApp. 


Hyper Fund
For more information about Hyper Fund please click the logo

Contact me on WhatsApp +447933728063 to learn how to join this amazing company

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Please use the link provided to contact Ralf K Dean should you need further information. 

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