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Investment Plans

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Its claimed that in order to become expert at anything you need to put in 10,000 hours of practise. Although this theory has been widely debunked, every professional FX trader, will have put twice as much time as this in staring at charts and understanding chart patterns. I have traded the Foreign Exchange markets since 2005 and  lost a considerable sum of money before I learnt my trade but I have more than recovered any losses but even if I hadn’t I ONLY EVER USED MONEY I COULD AFFORD TO LOSE!!.

Trading FX, crypto currency investment is a gamble. Any money you make at trading is tax free because, like gambling in a bookmakers, you do not pay tax on your winnings.

The investment plans described on these pages should be treated and received as if you had been given a horse racing tip. Nothing in life is certain. I will have personally made money investing in all three of the companies we have recommended or will recommend. I believe that Algowave will do what they promise – they will increase your BITCOIN balance if you give them access to the BTC in your wallet.

The network marketing opportunity is exceptional. The benefits of being a member of this organization are considerable. This company present a genuine opportunity to make a healthy second passive income or to even replace your current employment with the opportunity to become a full time marketeer.

Our third investment opportunity will be potentially  high risk and only small investments should be considered until confidence is established with the company. The first company we assessed were Exoveinvestment. This company guaranteed 2% compounded interest on your investment over a 6 day cycle. Although we made money from Exoveinvestment , due to issues with support we have decided to withdraw this product and we are actively looking for a suitable replacement.

We are currently looking at an alternative to Exoveinvestment but again we have issues with the newness of the company. It is our experience that companies offering 2% or 3% or 4% return on your investment over a 6 -14 day period are all highly suspect. 

The longevity of these companies is fleeting and concerning but it would be unfair to disqualify all similar schemes without review. One of the principal difficulties with assessing these companies is their relatively short existence. Had we 12 months of data, we would be in a better position to judge but regrettably we haven’t so we can only try these companies with small investment amounts and see what happens.

Our investment plans seek to find 3 different that you can join the cryptocurrency world. Its estimated that only 5.3% of UK residents and as low as 1.3% of all the Worlds population have any exposure to cryptocurrency which is madness when the price of Bitcoin is over $50,000 per coin at time of writing (17/2/2021) and yet just 12 months previously was as low as $3500. 


Algowave are the first of our investment plans. Algowave link their powerful algorithms to your own cryptocurrency  wallet with an A.P.I. (Application Programming Interface) and look to convert your crypto holding into other crypto currencies and benefit from the exchange. You do not need to send Algowave anything and they do not send you anything by return. You simply need 2 x Binance cryptocurrency wallets – which you can easily set up if you have 2 email addresses.

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Ralf K Dean

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Under review

We are currently assessing the performance of an cryptocurrency investment company referred to us via a contact on Linkedin. 

This will be the third of our investment plans.

Our due diligence on the company consists of  running a minimum 4 payment cycles of deposit, monitor and withdraw.

If no issues are observed we shall recommend this company as our third investment opportunity. 

It is imperative that the website is online 24 hours a day and that email and customer support is adequate.

Should we be unhappy with the process we shall not be making a recommendation to try them.

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