CashFX is changing lives throughout the world

This CashFX webinar explains why CashFX (CFX Global Partners) are changing the lives of thousands of people throughout the world with their FX Academy and investment model. If you are not invested in cryptocurrency then you are missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. This CashFX webinar explains who CashFx are, what the company are trying to achieve and why this is such an excellent company to be a part of.

view this 20 minute CashFX webinar

Please view this 20 minute CashFX webinar. Once you have watched the webinar then please call me or message me on the number below and I’ll be happy to discuss anything you have seen in the presentation. I can advise on opening a cryptocurrency account, funding your cryptocurrency wallet and sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Make this year the year YOU joined the exciting world of cryptocurrency investment.

Please call or message me on +447933728063 to discuss this video presenatation

If you are already convinced and would like to join CashFX then either click the image above or go here.

Why you need to be invested in cryptocurrency

$1000 or £1000 held in bank is safe and risk free but will just about beat inflation over any period and you may as well keep your money under your mattress.

Below are the returns you can expect from leaving your money in a ban or a building society. So leave your hard earned cash in a bank for 5 years and you will make 1.5% per year over 5 years.

Typical bank interest rates

Bank Interest rate

CashFX returns

5% per week
27% per month
CFX 2020 returns

Investing in a cryptocurrency plan can make returns of 2% per day and CashFX has been making a regular 5% a week for its members since its launch back in 2019 and returned an incredible 329.54% for the year of 2020 – that’s 27% per month.

However, there are risks associated with cryptocurrency investment so you need to be careful or you need to be advised. This website is dedicated to finding safe and reliable cryptocurrency investments that will balance risk and return. 

One of the problems with cryptocurrency plans is that the companies offering varying rates of return are all relatively new. Longevity is the true test of a safe investment but because cryptocurrency is a new phenomena, there are no websites that have been around long enough to make this test meaningful.

But all companies have to start somewhere and CashFX have grown since launch to having a membership of over 150,000 with members across the globe.

CashFX have been inexistence since mid 2019 and their growth since launch has been spectacular and because CashFX offer much more than an investment opportunity they are a far safer bet than many companies offering a quick profit on your deposit.

CashFX should be looked on as more of an opportunity to start a new business than just an investment opportunity. This is what makes CashFX such an exciting company to be involved.  As a member of CashFX, you have the opportunity to start your own business from the safety of your own home, you just need a computer and a circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances or in fact anyone who is open minded enough to hear the presentation or watch the webinar. This is what makes membership of CashFX such an exciting opportunity.

Cryptocurrencies are here and they are here to stay. Yes prices will go up and down and the price of Bitcoin can fall steeply or gain spectacularly but any falls in Bitcoin should be considered a buying opportunity.

When major institutions like J.P.Morgan and  Goldman Sachs make forecasts like these then investing in cryptocurrency is a no brainer.


JP Morgan Bitcoin forecast
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